Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TUTORIAL: making a jelly text effect

Let's make other food text effect. It's a text made of a soft green jelly.

To create this one, go to this free online text effect and set it this way:
- Text: GREEN JELLY (type as desired);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 5;
- Background color: 004080;
- Font name: SF Gushing Meadow SC.

Making as explained, it's the image you create (click to enlarge):

Extra tips:
- the chosen font is responsible for the melting look. For this kind of effect, very irregular font faces are the best ones;
- I have made several tests and I think the final image gets better when using a dark background color (but not too dark);
- create many interesting text effects by trying this huge list of free text effects.

Is there a text effect you would like to see here? You can ask for it commenting here or sending me an e-mail.

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