Monday, February 20, 2017

Give a small help to a big project

Today I come up with an off-topic subject, but I think it's relevant.

There is a project that offers thousands (yes, thousands!) of high quality text effects totally for free. By using the site from this project you can create amazing text logos in a few seconds with no design skills.

Besides, this site offers dozens of photo effect editors, hundreds of logo makers and much more. Everything easy, fast and free. By the way, many effects are exclusive, because you can't find them anywhere else, not even in the most expensive desktop graphic software.

This project became too big and too complex, so now it lacks resources to stay active and online. With a donation as low as $3 or even $1, you help this project to keep alive. If a lot of people give very little, the total amount can be enough.

Know more about this story here:


  1. I just came across your site. I think it is fantastic. Would love to contribute to your fund raising (especially if it guarantee access for another year if you close down) but it seems to be closed. Is there anyway to still contribute ?

  2. The site will become active to subscribers. You will be able to subscribe and keep using our online graphic design apps.