Friday, March 23, 2012

NEWS: a new amazing tool to create 3D text effects

It was published online a new tool to create 3D text effects. It's called "3D Text - Global Illumination" because its renderer is based on advanced global illumination algorithms and heuristics.

This new software is, for sure, the most professional and advanced 3D text generator ever published online. Some of its main features are:

- good color control (including background);
- native professional anti-aliasing;
- realistic soft shadows;
- cross shading (the letters shade each others);
- easy and detailed configuration of 3D transformations;
- many available text depths;
- more than 400 fonts to choose from.

Below you see a text created by using this new renderer (click to enlarge):

Create your own three-dimensional graphic texts right now by using this new 3D text software.

1 comment:

  1. Great font. I always look forward to see what is created here!