Sunday, March 31, 2013

A hellish fire text effect

Let's make a burning hot text effect. It is a fire text, but this is not made of a normal fire. This fire is so hot that it's red (instead of mostly yellow and orange), so it looks like a "hell fire".

You can create this text by opening this online fire text generator and using it with these values presented below:
- Text: hellish (type your text);
- Font size: Normal;
- Margin: 6;
- Background color: can't be used;
- Font name: FallHarvest.

If you do as proposed, the generated text effect is like shown below (click to see it larger):

Extra tips:
- if you intend to try other fonts, you should know this effect gets better with irregular font faces;
- you can create many outstanding text effects online by using these free text generators.

Is there a text effect you would like to see here? You can ask for it commenting here or sending me an e-mail.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A holed embossed text effect

Today I tell how to use some tricks to get a nice green embossed text effect. I hope this tutorial can be useful for you.

To generate this effect, open this free plastic text maker available online and configure it as recommended:
- Text: emboss (type your text);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 3;
- Background color: 006300;
- Font name: Kinkimono.

Making as suggested, you get this nice carved text effect (click to see it bigger):

Extra tips:
- this specific font helps to create a holed and yet stylized text;
- you shouldn't change the back color this time, or you will lose the carved look;
- you can get many professional text effects by using the best online text effect generators.

Is there a text effect you would like to see here? You can ask for it commenting here or sending me an e-mail.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Create rainbow neon text effects online for free

It was just released a text generator able to create very nice colorful light text effects.

By using this online text creator, you can generate amazing texts of neon, light, glow and other styles related to this kind of subject. This free neon text effect maker has professional features, like for example:

- full control over the light colors. It's possible to use several kinds of color combinations and gradients;
- several light styles to render text;
- default color configuration to generate effects with a rainbow look;
- optional transparent background (read the tips at the generator's page).

Here there is a sample of colorful illuminated text effect created by using this neon text generator (click to enlarge). This result has the rainbow light colors arranged in a horizontal distribution.

Use online the Rainbow Neon Text Effect Creator for free.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A super bright golden text effect

Do you know that situation when a simple shiny golden text is not enough? This text effect is to be used in that kind of situation, because it has a very strong glow.

This effect can be generated by opening this online glow text effect and filling its interface as explained:
- Text: Super Promo (choose your text);
- Font size: Normal;
- Margin: 5;
- Background color: not used;
- Font name: BubbleBoy2.

This configuration creates this astonishingly bright text effect (click to enlarge):

Extra tips:
- choose a font suitable to the subject you want to represent. You shouldn't, for example, choose a horror font to create a banner for a party (unless it's a Halloween party);
- you can get many amazing glow text effects by playing with these free online text effect makers.

Is there a text effect you would like to see here? You can ask for it commenting here or sending me an e-mail.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Create realistic sand text effects online

It was published online recently a new set of text effect generators. They were developed to be able to create amazing realistic sand text effects, and they are fast and easy to use.

These new free text makers have advanced features like configuration of grain spread and optional transparent background.

Below you see an image of a sand text effect created by using one of these new online text generators (click the image to see it in full size). All these sand effect softwares can be tried at this Grainy Sand Text Effects page.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Darth Vader 3D text effect

It's a tutorial about creating a 3D text effect to pay a tribute to Darth Vader, one of the most interesting Star Wars characters. I hope this effect can inspire you.

You can create this one by surfing to this free metallic text effect generator and setting it as told below:
- Text: Darth Vader (choose your text);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 5;
- Background color: C00000;
- Font name: Alternity.

The above parameters are the ones that give you this result text effect (click the image to view in full size):

Extra tips:
- I have used a dark metal material to create this one. It's dark and shiny at the same time, just like Darth Vader's armor is;
- if you want to try other fonts, always select a kind of tech font face;
- don't set a very dark background, or will not see the shadows. They are important to create a 3D look;
- you can get many awesome metallic text effects by using this huge set of free text effect generators online.

Is there a text effect you would like to see here? You can ask for it commenting here or sending me an e-mail.