Friday, April 29, 2011

TUTORIAL: a convincing ice text

I will teach you how to create a very eye catching ice effect. No matter it's easy to create, the result is impressive.

We just have to go to this ice text maker and configure it that way:
- Text: MY ICE (you choose yours);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 3;
- Background color: 003060;
- Font name: Liquidism part 2.

So we get this nice graphic text (click to view in full size):

Extra tips:
- this font helps a lot in this case because of its liquid appearance, but I already got nice results using this effect with other font faces;
- I think this dark blue back color improves the "frozen looking", but a black background is a good choice too;
- you can get several realistic ice text styles by using the effects at this text generator catalog.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

TUTORIAL: creating a safari text

Today we will create a safari text effect. This kind o subject is difficult to represent in a text, but this effect is really perfect for that.

To make this one, use this free text creator and fill the interface like this:
- Text: Safari (choose your text);
- Font size: Normal;
- Margin: 3;
- Background color: A5D0A5;
- Font name: DomoAregato.

It's the result we were looking for:

Extra tips:
- if you try other fonts, don't choose a very regular one. A too regular face doesn't fit this kind of effect;
- there are other good green tones to use as background color. You can even choose some other hues, if you configure a suitable saturation level;
- it's possible to generate several impressive "nature style" text effects by choosing from this text generator catalog.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

TUTORIAL: generating an impressive volcanic text effect

Now I show you how to create an attractive, eye catching, volcanic style text. It's very suitable when you want to create an interface with a hot mood.

It can be done taking advantage of this free text generator with these parameters:
- Text: VOLCANIC (type the text you need);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 3;
- Background color: 000000;
- Font name: 2Tech.

So we get this nice graphic effect (click to enlarge):

Extra tips:
- you could like to try a not so regular font, but this effect gets better with font faces that are not too thick;
- you can get many "fire related" text effects by using the graphic tools listed at this text generator catalog.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TUTORIAL: a smoke text effect

This time I will show you how easy is to create a nice smoke text effect. Depending on the set configuration, the result can be very interesting. For this example in particular, we will generate smoke with low dispersion level.

To make that effect, you need to go to this free text creator and choose the renderer parameters like this:
- Smoke Style: 4;
- Text: Smoke (you type yours);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 4;
- Background color: 000000;
- Font name: Nosfer.

It's the effect we get (click for full size viewing):

Extra tips:
- by its own nature, smoke mixes (fades) with the background, so the back color you choose has a big influence in the final effect you get;
- if you would like to make a different kind of smoke, this smoke text generator has several useful rendering styles to choose from.