Thursday, March 21, 2013

Create rainbow neon text effects online for free

It was just released a text generator able to create very nice colorful light text effects.

By using this online text creator, you can generate amazing texts of neon, light, glow and other styles related to this kind of subject. This free neon text effect maker has professional features, like for example:

- full control over the light colors. It's possible to use several kinds of color combinations and gradients;
- several light styles to render text;
- default color configuration to generate effects with a rainbow look;
- optional transparent background (read the tips at the generator's page).

Here there is a sample of colorful illuminated text effect created by using this neon text generator (click to enlarge). This result has the rainbow light colors arranged in a horizontal distribution.

Use online the Rainbow Neon Text Effect Creator for free.

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