Thursday, April 24, 2014

New 3D fiery wood text effect makers online

Recently some new text effect generators were published online and you could like to know about them.

These new effect creators offer you a very easy way to produce burnt wood texts or even hot coal texts. Some of their useful features are:

- configurable heat level (it changes the hot wood appearance);
- anti-aliased rendering;
- optional damaged contours;
- many available fonts to use;
- output texts have a 3D look;
- optional transparent background.

To inspire you, I posted below a hot coal text created by using these ardent wood effect makers (click to see the image in real size). It's like a piece of wood that was burning, turned into coal and now is getting colder slowly.

You can use these new igneous wood text generators via an online software called 3D Burnt Wood Text Effects.

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