Thursday, December 31, 2015

How to create top 3D text effect logos online

Nowadays you don't need to have expensive and hard to learn desktop software to design high quality 3D text effects.

One of the best online options is to use this Perspective 3D Text Logo Effect Maker. It's easy to use, have many useful graphic configuration elements and delivers well rendered, anti-aliased 3D text logos.

You don't have to configure boring Math parameters neither have to deal with complex interfaces. You just need to set easy to understand customization items and you get your 3D text logo in a few seconds.

As a tip, pay attention to the "Perspective level". It's a parameter that users usually don't care about, but it can be very useful to control how strong the 3D look will be. Other cool tip is exchanging the dark and bright colors, so you get a distinct shading style.

Below I show you a 3D text effect that exemplify what this cool 3D Text Logo Generator can make. Since the 3D texts can be created with a transparent background, they can be used in any graphic design or image composition you need.

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