Saturday, July 28, 2012

TUTORIAL: a text made of water pools

Here you see a nice way to create a realistic water text effect. It's like if the letters were made of water pools on the floor.

The easy way to create it is opening this free online text effect and configuring it like below:
- Text: WATER (set as you wish);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 5;
- Background color: FFFFFF;
- Font name: Gravel.

Making like this, you receive this result (click to enlarge):

Extra tips:
- the trick here is to use an effect created to be a glass effect to generate this water text;
- in this case, thick font faces give better results;
- of course, using a very irregular font face here is very important to give the liquid mood;
- generate many beautiful text effects by using this set of free professional text effects.

Is there a text effect you would like to see here? You can ask for it commenting here or sending me an e-mail.

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