Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NEWS: The most professional online 3D text effects

Do you like realistic text effects? So these news are for you. There are more than 1200 new professional realistic 3D text effects recently published online.

All these professional text generators have great advanced features like:

- very realistic results;
- professional anti-aliased rendering;
- several different 3D text styles;
- great control over the text shadow;
- more than 450 great font faces;
- optional transparent result image.

As told above, the rendered texts can have transparent background (and semi-transparent shadow), so you can use then to create any kind of image composition you can imagine.

Below I show you an example about what can be made using these new professional 3D text effects (click the image for a full size viewing):

To use the new amazing text creators you can go to this index page of the Professional Text Effects.

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