Friday, July 5, 2013

Create realistic embossed or engraved text effects

Now there are many realistic carved text effects ready to be used online. You have +940 different rendering styles to choose the one more suitable to your needs.

This new huge catalog of free text effects was divided in two groups:
- Realistic Embossed Text Effects (sculpted out);
- Realistic Engraved Text Effects (sculpted inside or "digged").

Despite they are very easy to use, these fresh text effects have many useful and advanced features, like for example:
- configurable carving style (you can emboss/engrave the letters or just their outlines);
- optional sculpting plate with rounded corners;
- configurable emboss/engrave deepness;
- configurable light direction;
- optional text border damage;
- more than 450 fonts to choose from;
- optional transparent background (specially useful when using rounded corners);
- anti-aliased drawing.

Below you can see two samples. The first is an embossed old wood text effect and the next one is an engraved dirty concrete text effect.

Since there are so many effects, it's easier to choose among all carved text effect themes at the Online Carved Text Effects catalog page.

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