Monday, October 17, 2011

INSPIRATION: the best graffiti text effects

Graffiti effects are among the most colorful, impressive and eye catching text effects we can use. I'm very excited about this new online tool to generate many types of Graffiti Text.

This software is very very powerful, but it has a price. It has many items to configure if you want to have total control over the result image. Anyway, if you follow the tips in the renderer page, you will have a smoother learning curve. It's particularly true because some interface fields have similar meanings in several interface sections.

There is a page about graffiti texts generated using this software. There are many examples (with and without background) and most results are really interesting. This page is called The Best Graffiti Text Effects and it's really worthy to see.

If you like graffiti, or if you like colorful or 3D texts, probably you will feel inspired by this nice collection of graffiti text effects. Below I show you four examples of what you can see there.

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