Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TUTORIAL: a text made of clouds

The effect of this post is interesting and can be useful in many situations. Write with clouds was never that easy.

To get your own text made of clouds you need to go to this cloud text renderer. I suggest you choose the interface parameters this way:
- Cloud Style: 5;
- Text: CLOUD (type as you wish);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 4;
- Background color: 0060C0;
- Font name: Hypmotizin.

If you use the configuration above, you get this image (click to view in full size):

Extra tips:
- when rendering clouds, usually it's a good idea to use some kind of blue background to make them more natural, but you could like to try some more unusual colors. I have already got some nice unexpected results this way;
- this kind of effect suffers a big influence of the background. If you make some tests, you will see you can affect the clouds looking just by changing the back color a little;
- you can create many different cloud text effects by using this cloud text generator. It even has several different rendering styles to choose from.

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