Monday, December 27, 2010

TUTORIAL: a furniture text effect

To get a text related to furniture, usually we choose a wood effect (at least if we are talking about wooden furniture).

To make this one, you have to go to this free text generator and make this configuration:
- Text: furniture (you choose your text);
- Font size: Big;
- Margin: 3;
- Background color: FFFFFF;
- Font name: Angular.

That's the image you get (click to enlarge):

Extra tips:
- I thought this font was perfect to use here, because it mixes edged and rounded regions, just like many furniture pieces are;
- if you don't like dark wood, modify the previous result: 20% more brightness and after 20% more contrast give you the image below. You can make this pos-processing using this image editor;
- you can use several great wood text effects if you go to this text generator catalog.

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