Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Realistic Metallic Bevel Text Effect Logo Creators

Now you can create very realistic bevel text effects with a metallic look online. This bevel text app is easy, fast and free, so you can generate cool bevel text logos in seconds with no design skills.

This bevel text maker is very versatile and configurable, with advanced features like:
- a list with more than 450 interesting font faces to use;
- big text output sizes;
- full shadow configuration;
- configurable bevel style;
- several illumination dispositions;
- many realistic metallic materials;
- configurable material rendering style;
- world class anti-aliased logo rendering;
- optional transparent background (as transparent PNG image files).

By using this powerful bevel effect maker, you have a great control of the beveled logo you create, and you can design cool banners with bevel effects easily as never before. Use the Realistic Metallic Beveled Text Effect Creators for free.

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