Saturday, May 7, 2011

TUTORIAL: how to make a 3D text that looks metallic

Usually, creating a 3D metallic text is not a very soft task, but, if we have the right tool, we can make it fast and easily.

You can do it if you go to this 3D text generator and set its parameters like this:
- Rendering style: select the fourth option image;
- 3D model: select the fourth option image (roll the list);
- Text: metallic (type want you need);
- Font size: Big;
- Text depth: 20;
- Draw shadow: Yes;
- Margin: 15;
- Background color: FFFFFF;
- Front face color: FF8040;
- Depth dark color: FFFFFF;
- Depth bright color: FF0000;
- Font name: Amerika Sans.

The result is shiny just like metallic materials usually are (click to enlarge):

Extra tips:
- it's important to choose a very rounded font face;
- if you paid attention to this tutorial, you realized that I put a bright color in the "Depth dark color" field and a darker color in the "Depth bright color" field. In this case, it's a trick to get a brightness configuration similar to metallic ones;
- as you could see, this very easy and powerful 3D text maker lets you set the rendering style, 3D model, color squeme, choose from more than 400 nice font faces and make some other useful configurations; everything with no math skills.

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